Cremio II Electric Milk Frother
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Whether making latte macchiato or cappuccino, with the Cremio II you can make wonderful fine-pored, warm frothed milk for coffee specialities just like from your favourite cafe. Or make cold frothed milk to add to desserts as a light alternative to cream. Milk and hot chocolate fans will also love the Cremio for heating milk in moments without burning it and the non-stick coating in the milk container makes it easy to clean.

  • Froths milk and warms it, or can froth and leave it cold
  • Milk can be heated without frothing too
  • Perfect for coffee drinks, hot chocolate, frappes and desserts 
  • Can also froth alternative milk types like soy and lactose free milks
  • Cool touch housing so hands aren’t burned 
  • Auto switch off when removed from the base
  • Dekra-GS-tested for safety

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