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Since our first roast in 2013, Science of Coffee has known the importance of a single cup of coffee and the impact it can have. Although we have grown, the mission has stayed the same: Spread the love and enjoyment for coffee as far and wide as possible.



We are excited to make your vision a reality, with our experience and expertise we can design your Café layout, fit it out with the correct machines and supply you with specifically chosen delicious coffee.

Let’s meet over a coffee and bring your dream to life.


Our Story: Science Of Coffee was founded by an actual doctor, he has published multiple papers on coffee, sustainability and climate change he even consulted to the climate advisors of previous White House administrations. The idea for SOC started whilst he was running around coffee plantations for his PhD discovering undiscovered coffees and bringing them back to experiment with. SOC then grew into a passionate and skilled team.

Science of Coffee is involved in every step of the journey and process, right from the seed up until the coffee reaches your cup.

With such passion and personal immersion from the team, you can enjoy the products, knowing that you are truly buying into a life-long obsession and not just a company.

Let’s continue writing this story together.